JUST BLACK Collection

As makers of handcrafted denim in USA, Just Black believes that honest quality, good value & exceptional comfort are all codependent to make the perfect product. Every pair is made locally in Los Angeles, making Just Black Denim a unique brand standing apart from the rest. It is our mission to continue a community of inclusiveness and dedicated goal of local USA manufacturing.

At Just Black Denim, we’re passionate about jeans and the story behind each pair.

Just Black Denim is obsessed with the process—and rightly so! They’ve spent years perfecting it, so we can deliver high-quality denim with the best-possible fit to our customers.

It all begins and ends at their home in Los Angeles, California. Just Black Denim's DTLA headquarters is home to their design, manufacturing and marketing teams, all of which work closely together to create the jeans you wear everyday.

Just Black Denim wants you to be as excited about the production process as they are, so they’re giving you an exclusive look behind-the-scenes. Without your support of the local community of craftsmen and craftswomen, American-made denim wouldn’t be possible!

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