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Flying Monkey was launched in 2004. It is a Los Angeles based brand and proudly made locally. This premium denim brand was designed to accentuate the beauty of one's body and represent the stylish identity of one's individuality. Flying Monkey offers a wide range of unique styles and is known for its phenomenal fit that shapes to any figure. Flying Monkey takes pride and passion into releasing products that is of highest quality and strives to construction with attention and care. They use only the best fabrics and the garments are processed thru the highest quality washes.

Flying Monkey carry designs that are stylish and up to date with the latest trends. Also they are proudly known for their best selling basic jeans and higher end novelty styles. Flying Monkey has a huge following because they stand true to their motto and guarantee fits that make you feel free and beautiful. Known for some of the best quality, amazing fit, and latest and outstanding designs, you can find this brand nationwide. Flying Monkey carry many different lines to fulfill every type of age group or genre. From specialty boutiques stores ranging throughout the globe, catch a pair of your own.

"Fly to release your mind, body, and soul. Fly to where your heart goes. just fly and be free"

Flying Monkey was created for the more moderate young contemporary look. Wide selections of trendy and unique styles with the most exceptional hand wash and finishes.

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Flying Monkey Release Hem Skinny Jeans
Flying Monkey High-Rise Skinny Jeans
Flying Monkey Skinny Jeans
Flying Monkey High Rise Skinny Stretch Jeans